The Virat Kohli Water Price Saga: Luxury or Necessity?

The Virat Kohli Water bottle purchases from France costs Aprox 48.17  US Dollar  per litre. The most pure natural spring water is thought to be the Evian Natural Spring water. Evian Les Bains, one of the biggest lakes in Europe, serves as the primary source of this water. Few names are as well-known in the world of upscale companies and celebrity endorsements as Virat Kohli’s. The Indian cricket sensation has established himself not just on the cricket field but also in the business world.

The introduction of his own line of bottled water is one of his remarkable endeavors. What has, however, drawn attention is the cost of “Virat Kohli Water.” This essay will examine whether water is a luxury or a need as it relates to the Virat Kohli water price controversy.

The Premium Packaging of  Virat kohli Water

The village of Évian-les-Bains, which is located on the beaches of Lake Geneva, is where Evian water is sourced in the French Alps. This spotless area is renowned for its unspoiled beauty and water sources that are abundant in minerals.

Purity and Mineral Composition:

  • Evian is praised for its remarkable mineral composition and clarity. As it passes through layers of glacial sand and clay, which aid in removing contaminants and give the water its distinctive flavor, it is naturally filtered and cleansed.
  • Calcium, magnesium, and potassium are among the important minerals in Evian’s mineral makeup that are good for your health.
Virat kohli Water

History of Evian Water

  • When the water’s therapeutic qualities were found in the late 18th century, the history of Evian as a brand began. In the late 19th century, it attracted praise and fame on a global scale.
  • Evian was one of the first companies to market its water internationally when it started doing so in 1970.
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Health Benefits of Virat Kohli Water

Due to its taste and potential health benefits from its mineral content, Evian water is frequently praised. For healthy bones, calcium is needed, while magnesium and potassium are essential for a number of biological processes.

Consumer Perception:

Evian is frequently regarded as a high-end and reputable bottled water brand. Customers who pick Evian are frequently prepared to pay more because of its distinctive flavor and connection to the scenic French Alps.

In conclusion, Evian water is a well-known brand that gained recognition for its clean, mineral-rich water that is drawn from the French Alps. It has gained popularity among consumers throughout the world thanks to its beautiful packaging, health benefits, and dedication to sustainability. The history of Evian and its well-known advertising efforts have also contributed significantly to the development of its brand identity.

The Environmental Impact

Kohli’s water usage has effects on the environment in addition to ethical ones. Using a lot of water for aesthetic purposes contributes to the depletion of this priceless resource in a world when climate change and resource depletion are problems. Water treatment and transportation require energy, which has a carbon footprint.

Furthermore, as natural ecosystems are frequently disturbed by excessive water use for gardening, habitat damage may result. This has an impact on the biodiversity and fauna in the area. It’s important to keep in mind that water is a finite resource and that careless use might have negative effects.

Virat kohli Water
Image Credit: Virat Kohli Facebook

The Role of Responsibility

As a well-known individual with a sizable fan base, Virat Kohli has a special chance to promote wise water use. By adopting water-saving habits and raising awareness of the value of water conservation, he may go beyond being merely a consumer and instead serve as an example.

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He might show accountability by using water-efficient landscaping techniques that are sustainable. His water footprint can be greatly reduced with the help of drought-tolerant plants and effective watering systems. He might also utilize his platform to inform his followers about the need of water conservation and motivate them to take action in their own lives.

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The Necessity Argument

On the other hand, others would counter that Virat Kohli’s water intake is required considering his status and way of life. His work-life balance may depend on how well he takes care of his property, which contains a lovely garden and a swimming pool. One may argue that his demanding job necessitates a certain degree of coziness and relaxation at home.

This argument for necessity should be balanced against the moral and environmental issues related to water use, though. Everyone deserves a comfortable place to live, but it’s crucial to strike a balance that considers the wider effects of one’s choices.

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