The Virat Kohli Water Price Saga: Luxury or Necessity?

The Virat Kohli Water bottle purchases from France costs Aprox 48.17  US Dollar  per litre

This has sparked a debate on whether such expensive water is a luxury or a necessity.

Some argue that mineral water is a necessity in today's polluted world, and that the price is justified for the quality and purity it offers.

Others argue that such expensive water is a luxury that only the rich can afford, and that it is not necessary for good health.

There are also concerns about the environmental impact of bottled water, and the fact that it is not accessible to everyone.

Kohli's endorsement of the brand has also been criticized, with some saying that he should not promote such an expensive product.

However, others argue that as a successful athlete and businessman, Kohli has the right to endorse any product he chooses.

Ultimately, the debate over the Virat Kohli water price saga highlights the complex issues surrounding the consumption and marketing of luxury goods in today's society.

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